Web Applications

Web Applications
Whether you want to develop applications from scratch or add widgets to existing websites, Ceino can help create a rich and seamless user experience.
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We can analyze your needs and recommend the most practical and cost effective way to achieve your goals. Ceino has gained deep expertise in cloud technologies such as AWS, and Javascript frameworks such as Angular, Ionic, and JQuery.
We develop highly innovative applications for leading companies such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, Advanced Cell Diagnostics and Shalom Media.

Scientific Applications

We are experts in Life Sciences related and other scientific applications. Our team has a more than 2 decades of combined experience in developing Life Sciences software. We can create data analysis applications, scientific calculation tools or very user friendly tools for customers such as protocol editors. Working with the protein expression marketing team at Thermo Fisher, we created Gibco Cellcite (www.gibcocellcite.com), a tool for searching product references in publications.


Sales and Marketing Tools

We are passionate about making processes more efficient and have worked with several business teams to develop a variety of tools to improve sales/marketing team productivity and customer experience. For example, 100’s of sales reps at Thermo Fisher Scientific use an intelligent price calculator we have developed for recommending optimal product bundles. We have developed applications that help customers choose the best products for their application needs, extract and display products from scientific publications, and many more.


Latest Cloud and Web Technologies

We have been developing highly scalable applications using AWS for the past five years. Examples of cloud applications we have developed include instrument data analysis for 1000’s users, operations app for tracking sales orders, and extremely user friendly scientific protocol. We can architect, design, develop and manage your applications; from idea to support.


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