Help customers find, decide and purchase products online. Ceino can transform your sales process and makes manufacturing operations efficient by automating quotes, sales and order tracking.
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We can deliver streamlined buying experiences and help your customers find virtually everything on their list, shopping by category/application, and access to the latest promotions. Customers can keep their work moving quickly with searchable product FAQs, training courses, and technical references all in one place.

Personalized Online Experience

E-commerce can be used in many ways to create a personal connection with customers. A well designed e-commerce system can make customer experience much better with online quoting, personalized recommendations, order tracking and personalized customer service.


Magento Implementation

E-commerce software from big companies such as Oracle and SAP can be cost prohibitive. We are experts in open source and versatile e-commerce software, Magento (www.magento.com), and help you tailor it for your customer needs. In a matter of months, we can help you architect an integrated and modular system and get you up and running.


Salesforce Integration

Using our Salesforce expertise, Ceino can integrate your e-commerce system with Salesforce CRM for seamless customer experience and operational efficiency. Leads and contacts are recorded correctly, product data is synchronized automatically and quotes can be generated online by customers.


ERP System Integration

To deliver a complete online experience to enable full automation, e-commerce system needs to be seamlessly integrated with e-commerce. We can connect your e-commerce implementation with a variety of ERP systems including SAP, NetSuite and Open ERP software Odoo.

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