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At Ceino, we are passionate about building intelligent systems driven by data, knowledge, and models. Decision support systems can codify knowledge and empower employees and customers and make the more efficient. We combine our business experience and technology expertise to build smart applications.

Recommending optimal product bundles

 Recommending optimal product bundles

Genetic Analysis division of Life Technologies wants to allow its customers to configure product solutions (or bundles) rather than buying instruments and reagents separately. Based on customer's project needs, the tool would recommend the right instrument/reagent bundles and enable customers to compare alternative solutions. For each bundle, the software provides a detailed breakdown of the workflow and products required in each step. After exploring various development options including in house development and other service providers, the company made the correct decision and approached us.

We partnered with Life Technologies to develop various concepts, tested innovative concepts with customers, and implemented a prototype. Once a prototype was tested, a complete product was developed and launched successfully. Our innovative approach allowed the company to roll out a highly data intensive and interactive web application within a matter of months.