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Using Mobile Apps for Life Sciences Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is one of the most popular marketing tactics among Life Science marketers. In general, researchers respond positively to useful content like calculation tools, handbooks, protocols and other scientific resources. For that reason, forcing these researchers – and other users – to download these resources from a website or landing page has proven to be an extremely effective means of capturing their information and generating quality leads.

Push based, predictive customer support

During our last trip to India, soon after we boarded the 16 hour flight from SFO to Dubai and started settling kids, our 2-year old daughter started becoming uneasy. Watching us, one of flight attendants walked up to us and offered to bring hot water to prepare formula for the baby. This was a simple gesture, but saved us time and effort in figuring out the baby was hungry, calling for help, and then requesting for water when attendants are busy preparing for takeoff.